Michael Lasater Gallery
 Annunciation  (2016)                            three-channel installation, stereo

Single channel, two channel, or three channel HD gallery video composition. Stereo.

Dimensions: 1920 H x 1080 W each panel. Three channel simulated gallery view.
3:00 sample of 8:00 continuous loop.

Sampled digital abstract, tooled digital objects, animation, sampled and synthesized sound.

Annunciation is a video object operating within the aesthetic of painting. Each panel's background cycles through images sampled from an original digital abstract composition. One sees this composition in fragments across time controlled by an algorithm derived from 12-tone musical composition in which no fragment is repeated until all are shown. The motion background plays against and through the static paired elements in the foreground, making them appear somewhat unstable. In the audio a noise sound floor supports a repeated claves + voice pair mirroring the motion + static structure of the video. The composition chases György Ligeti’s idea of using time to hold on to time, suspending its disappearance, confining it in the always present moment.