Michael Lasater Gallery
 Gallery  (2011)                                           single-channel video, stereo

Digitized photo, digitized film, sound, text, animation

In addition to the work in my solo show at the South Bend Museum of Art in 2012, I was asked to provide a composition for the foyer of the museum's administrative offices--in effect extending the exhibition to another location. I had a number of sketches at hand--riffing on Richter, Mondrian, Hockney, and Nauman--and worked these into Gallery, a composition that can play with or without sound. Two of the sketches soon provided material for Ready, Set; Messsenger; and Maquette. As it turns out, Gallery recalls for me my first years at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio. I travelled by train from my home in Hutchinson, Kansas, stopping over in Chicago where I would spend hours at the Art Institute. At the time, I remember thinking that painting and other visual art operated in vocabularies I loved but would never possess; now I begin to understand that for me music was only one doorway to art, and that I was already in the room.