Michael Lasater Gallery
 Make Way For The Machine! (2017)          single-channel video, stereo

Single-channel HD video, stereo: digitized archive film, digitized painting, text, sound, animation.

Simulated gallery view, 3 min. sample of 10 min. loop.

Make Way for the Machine! is a slogan from one of Soviet director Dziga Vertov’s film theory manifestos.  Vertov worked with original and appropriated non-fiction footage in a vocabulary that might be termed futurist collage, part propaganda, part pure film art.  In my Make Way I’ve similarly appropriated pre-existing media into a motion collage object, itself a kind of propaganda poster.  The (literally) driving visual element is a one-second clip of a rotating machine part from Walther Ruttman’s 1927 Berlin: die Sinfonie der Großstadt.  I used Nicolás Solana’s Passion triptych as the source for the overlaying motion color abstraction driven by the Ruttman footage.  The three text gears are excerpts from Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 speech Social and Industrial Justice, recorded by Thomas Edison.