Michael Lasater Gallery
 Stilts (2017)                                                  single-channel video, stereo

Single-channel HD video, stereo.
Digitized archive photo, tooled digital objects, text, animation, sampled and synthesized sound.

The boy standing on homemade stilts is me at about age ten ––1957 or so. My father took this snapshot in our Kansas front yard with a Brownie box camera. So, a bit of narrative, a peg, perhaps. The words in the floating panels are from poems I have read and keep reading, partly because I think I understand them, partly because I want to understand them. These are ordinary words, free for the taking, and I present them in no particular order. I have chosen them simply because they seem to me to have the potential to generate more words, maybe shape, maybe meaning. The voices in the audio are from my previous documentaries on poetry and fiction –– friends and colleagues who have shared their time, work, and words with me.