Michael Lasater Gallery
 Triptych (2012)                        three-channel video, stereo each channel

Three-channel non-synchronous HD video installation, stereo sound each channel.

In the right panel—Birthday (2012)--the foreground figure confronts the viewer at a fulcrum moment perhaps in time, perhaps in experience or narrative; there are clearly messages present in the graphics superimposed over the television wrestlers, themselves a possible message. The origin, direction and purpose of these messages are ambiguous. The door may be associated with revelation or discovery, or perhaps signal a transition, although in which direction, and to where, is also ambiguous.

The left panel—and then (2011)—presents a foreground figure associated with—and perhaps caught in—a fulcrum process/moment depicted in the background animation. Here the composition is more overtly poetic, the on screen and spoken text working like a poem’s concluding stanza or lines. The tightly shut window, signaling a transitional or even transformational process, resonates with the door in the right panel.

The paired, Hockney-like figures in the center panel—Ready, Set (2012)—unify the overall composition; their layered animation, generating an object that is process, plays on the layered cloud field motif in the left panel as well as the right panel’s flickering wrestlers, locked in an endlessly repeating encounter.