Michael Lasater Gallery
Pas de deux: Tours en l'air (2019)                two-channel video, stereo

Digitized abstract from painting, animation.

My young grandson is in the American Ballet Theatre's children's preparatory program. As a result I've become increasingly interested in dance, especially ballet. For my two-channel Pas de deux, I've set in motion two abstract "dancers", each executing a series of "turns in the air" – tours en l'air. Each dancer is an object sampled from a very large abstract that I derived from Ghirlandaio's Marriage of the Virgin (1479) in the Metropolitan Museum's collection published in the public domain. With each turn, the dancers reveal a different sample from the master abstract; each turn ends in a balletic pose. The backgrounds for each dancer are the same abstracts transformed into mosaic patterns matching the dancers one for one. The order in which the abstract samples are revealed follows classic practice in 12-tone musical composition.